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September 08, 2011


 10:54:11 : SystemSystem: Welcome to the Barnes & Noble Digital Chatroom.

 10:54:11 : SystemSystem: Michael has joined this session!

 10:54:11 : SystemSystem: Connected with Michael. Your Reference Number for this chat is 117370.

 10:54:16 : SystemSystem: Thanks for joining us.

 10:54:46 : AgentMichael: Thank you for joining Barnes and Noble Digital Chat Support. One moment while I review your concern.

 10:55:21 : AgentMichael: I understand you want to know if there's a built in dictionary on the NOOK Color. Is that correct?

 10:56:01 : CustomerChristopher: No, not exactly. I want to be able to search for terms within the text of books. Like if I was reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" and wanted to jump through and find every instance of the word "tire."

 10:57:01 : AgentMichael: One moment please.

 10:57:51 : AgentMichael: Just tap and hold the word and there is an option for the dictionary.

 10:58:37 : CustomerChristopher: Right, that's fine, but I don't need a dictionary. That's not what I'm asking about. I'm asking if the text is searchable for particular terms.

 10:59:00 : CustomerChristopher: Which it is, by the way, on the Nook applications for PC and Mac.

 10:59:36 : AgentMichael: I see. You are not using the NOOK device, correct?

 11:00:39 : CustomerChristopher: No, I AM using a Nook device, the NOOK Color. Just bought it the day before yesterday. But I'd already been reading NOOK books via my computers, and want to find out if the search functionality is also present on the NOOK device. And by search, I don't mean search Web or Library, I mean search WITHIN the text of books.

 11:03:51 : AgentMichael: You must tap and hold the word on the NOOK Color the choose the "look up" function.

 11:04:06 : AgentMichael: It will give you the meaning of that word after that.

 11:04:32 : CustomerChristopher: Again, I am NOT looking for a dictionary function.

 11:05:21 : AgentMichael: I see.

 11:06:21 : AgentMichael: Do you mean when you look up for word, the device will give you a list of pages where the word is located?

 11:06:27 : CustomerChristopher: Yes!

 11:06:37 : CustomerChristopher: That's what I want anyway.

 11:06:51 : AgentMichael: I understand now.

 11:07:11 : AgentMichael: I apologize but we don't have that functionality yet.

 11:07:35 : CustomerChristopher: Aha. Thanks, then. Can you answer a question about the NOOK Application for Macintosh?

 11:08:31 : AgentMichael: It is also not available on NOOK for Mac.

 11:10:27 : CustomerChristopher: Um, okay. I have a question about whether there are any known problems with the bookmarking feature in NOOK for Mac under OS X Version 10.7. I can't seem to make them work, and under the bookmarking tab I just get a string of text that says "undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined."

 11:10:51 : AgentMichael: I see.

 11:11:21 : AgentMichael: Have you tried to re-install the application?

 11:11:33 : CustomerChristopher: No, I haven't.

 11:12:01 : AgentMichael: Please do so.

 11:12:09 : AgentMichael: Tell me if it still has issues.

 11:12:30 : CustomerChristopher: Okay, I'll try it. Thanks very much. If I have any further problems I'll contact you. Will I be e-mailed a transcript of this chat?

 11:12:56 : AgentMichael: I'll make a case for this session. So that the next agent will know what to do next in case you contact us back.

 11:13:06 : AgentMichael: The case is attached to your email.

 11:13:13 : CustomerChristopher: Excellent, thanks.
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